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After a fourteen-year career in the corporate world, I returned to school to become a teacher. In 1993 I accepted my first teaching position working in a fifth-grade classroom. Believing that if a person was teaching, they should also be learning, I continued my education. I earned a Masters of Theology and a Ph.D. in Higher Education to complement my BA in Elementary Education all from St. Louis University. I also picked up a MA in Teaching from Webster University along the way.

I am currently finishing my twenty-eighth year as an educator having served as both a principal and a classroom from pre-school level through post-graduate. Finally, at the start of the 2020/2021 school year, I decided to return to where it all began, the fifth grade classroom. Much has changed since I was a fifth grade teacher twenty-eight years ago, but I found there was something of value I could add. This is how the idea for this book was born. It is a book that will peak the interest of children and empower critical thinking. It also creates cross-curricular teaching opportunities in the areas of History, Language Arts, Math, and Religion/Civics.

This was my motivation to write, "Bonds Unbroken," which is set during the Age of Discovery. There will be three follow up books in this series; one set during the American Revolution, one set during the American Civil War, and one set during the Industrial Revolution. I will also have curriculum activity books to go along with each.

I live in St Louis, Missouri with my wife, Pam. Together we have raised four children, Jaime, Patrick, Molly, and Brendan. We have one grandchild, Jesse Joseph, and look forward to the possibility of more.

I would love to hear from you with any comments or questions that you might have. 

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